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Barnet, Susan (2022) Stallholder reflection - SE Barnet - management architecture research. In: Transacting as art, design and architecture: a non-commercial market. Intellect, Bristol, UK. ISBN 9781789384437 (In Press)

Barnet, Susan (2019) Welcome. [Show/Exhibition]

Barnet, Susan, Bradfield, Marsha, Brown, Georgia, Anonymous, Anonymous, Cross, David, Joughin, Kyran and Oppenheim, Anna (2020) radical reThink(ing) HE: a Polyphonic Manifesto for Six Voices- Not a Rant but a Chorale. In: Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer. Radical Aesthetics-Radical Art (RaRa) . Bloomsbury Academic, London, UK, pp. 332-345. ISBN 9781350022454

Barnet, Susan and Watt, Jane (2022) Longshore drift. [Artefact]

Bowler, Noel (2020) Helsinki Photofestivel, Finlad. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowler, Noel (2011) Making space. Gallery of Photography, Ireland. ISBN 9781907918018

Bowler, Noel (2015) Union. Kehrer Verlag, Gernany. ISBN 9783868286199

Bowler, Noel (2018) Union. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowler, Noel (2017) Union. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowler, Noel (2018) Union. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowler, Noel and Grant, Ken (2015) Union. Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany. ISBN 9783868286199

Bowman, Matthew (2021) Art criticism in the contracted field. The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 79 (2). pp. 200-212. ISSN 1540-6245

Bowman, Matthew (2021) Art monthly talk show: Matt Hale interviews Matthew Bowman. [Audio]

Bowman, Matthew (2023) Artistic precarious. In: Precarious (Exhibition Catalogue). Art Exchange, University of Essex, Colchester, pp. 4-5.

Bowman, Matthew (2019) At the limit of visual historiography: Georges Didi-Huberman’s Bark. In: "Art History in the Expanded Field" at Annual Association of Art Historians Conference, April 2019, Brighton. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Matthew (2022) Collaboration and the collaging of experiences. Point-to-Point: Material Restlessness.

Bowman, Matthew (2018) Collage as model. In: Collage, Montage, Assemblage: Collected and Composite Forms, 1700-Present conference, 18-19 April 2018, Edinburgh College of Art. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Matthew (2021) Cutting in: Gerhard Richter's photobooks. In: Association for Art History Annual Conference, April 2021, via Zoom. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Matthew (2015) Different class: reflections on Lena Lapschina’s C-Level. In: Thoughtbook. Self-published, Vienna. ISBN 9783902039019

Bowman, Matthew (2017) East Anglian round-up: the Sainsbury Centre, Firstsite, the Minories Galleries. Art Monthly (409). pp. 28-29. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2014) For a concept of immaterial indestructibility. In: The Permanence of the Transient. Cambridge Scholars, Cambridge, England, pp. 30-41. ISBN 9781443856980

Bowman, Matthew (2015) Frontality/facingness: the surface beyond flatness. In: Revisiting the Surface, 13 November 2015, National Gallery, Oslo, Norwary. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Matthew (2020) Generations of Erlebnis. In: Markus Oehlen: 2009-2019. Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld, Germany. ISBN 9783735606686

Bowman, Matthew (2021) Holly Stevenson: reading between the lines. Holly Stevenson: Between the Lines.

Bowman, Matthew (2020) In conversation with Dawn Ades and Iris Gunnarsdottir on Claude Cahun. In: In conversation with Dawn Ades and Iris Gunnarsdottir on Claude Cahun, 5 February 2020, Art Exchange. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Matthew (2018) In conversation with Imran Perretta and screening of his film 15 Days. In: In conversation with Imran Perretta and screening of his film 15 Days, 1 November 2018, University of Essex. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Matthew (2018) Indiscernibly bad: the problem of bad painting/good art. Oxford Art Journal, 41 (3). pp. 321-339. ISSN 0142-6540

Bowman, Matthew (2018) Lee Lozano, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. Art Monthly (418). p. 28. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2015) “Matthew Bowman, Chris Wassilak, Rob La Frenais, and Mark Wilsher” Art Monthly talk show presented by Matt Hale. [Audio]

Bowman, Matthew (2019) “Matthew Bowman, Maja and Reuben Fowkes, and Tom Snow,” Art Monthly talk show, presented by Mark Lewis on Resonance FM. [Audio]

Bowman, Matthew (2015) October's Postmodernism. Visual Resources, 31 (1). pp. 117-126. ISSN 0197-3762

Bowman, Matthew (2021) On critical distance. Art Monthly (447). pp. 40-41. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2014) Owning the immaterial: art, culture, and technology. Art & the Public Sphere, 3 (1). pp. 89-93. ISSN 2042-793X

Bowman, Matthew (2021) "Painting, Discourse" conference convened Matthew Bowman. In: Association for Art History Annual Conference, 2022. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Matthew (2014) Photographic audiences, national identities, and ethics: reflections on Lee Millar's war. Art Exchange.

Bowman, Matthew (2023) Public Destructions: Sam Durant’s Iconoclasm at the University of Essex. Essex Blogs.

Bowman, Matthew (2011) “Redrawing the Medium” review of Rosalind Krauss, Perpetual Inventory. Art History, 34 (3). pp. 612-615. ISSN 1467-8365

Bowman, Matthew (2021) Representing destruction. Art Monthly (449). pp. 5-8. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2023) Review of "Gerhard Richter: Painting after the Subject of History". Burlington Contemporary.

Bowman, Matthew (2021) Review of Afterness, a group exhibition held on Orford Ness curated by Artangel. Art Monthly (450). pp. 36-37. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2019) Review of Cory Arcangel, BACK OFF, Firstsite, Colchester”. Art Monthly (427). pp. 30-31. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2022) Review of David Kefford, 'In search of a higher shelf ' at Quip & Curiosity, Cambridge. Art Monthly (462). pp. 30-31. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2022) Review of Elsa James, 'Othered in a region that has been historically othered'. Art Monthly (459). pp. 26-27. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2016) Review of Gee Vaucher: Introspective at Firstsite. Art Monthly (402). ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2017) Review of In Quotes. East Gallery NUA. Art Monthly (410). pp. 25-26. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2019) Review of Jarrett Earnest, what it means to write about art. Art Monthly (425). p. 37. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2019) Review of Mark Fell, the concept of time is intrinsically incoherent, Focal Point Gallery, Southend. Art Monthly (424). ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2015) Review of Mark Wilsher, 'Everyone is an Curator', Minories Art Galleries. Art Monthly (390). ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2017) Review of Movement of the People at Art Exchange, Colchester. Art Monthly, 403. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2022) Review of Patricia Bickers' The ends of art criticism. The Burlington Magazine, 164 (1426). pp. 103-104. ISSN 0007-6287

Bowman, Matthew (2018) Review of Raqs Media Collective: Not Yet at Ease, Firstsite. Art Monthly (421). pp. 22-23. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2014) Review of Simon Denny, The Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom, Firstsite. Art Monthly (376). pp. 28-29. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2019) Review of Super Black, Firstsite, and Open Your Eyes, Art Exchange. Art Monthly (432). pp. 23-24. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2014) Review of Terry Bond, Neighbourhood Watch, The Minories Galleries. Art Monthly (378). pp. 18-19. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2016) Review of The Peculiar People, Focal Point Gallery. Art Monthly (397). ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2021) Review of Tip of the Iceberg at Focal Point Gallery. Art Monthly (451). p. 28. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2020) Review of Tom Holert, knowledge beside itself. Art Monthly (438). pp. 30-31. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2023) Review of Vanessa Billy and Emma McNally: Time Spirals at Large Glass gallery. Art Monthly (463). pp. 28-29. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2012) Rosalind Krauss. In: Fifty Key Writers on Photography. Routledge, London, UK, pp. 149-154. ISBN 9780415549455

Bowman, Matthew (2019) Roundtable discussion speaker alongside Eric Alliez, Philip Armstrong (moderator), Yve-Alain Bois, Moyra Derby, Lisa Florman, and Daniel Neofetou. In: Painting as ReModel: revisiting painting as model, 20-21 June 2019. In: Painting as ReModel: Revisiting Painting as Model, 20-21 June 2019, London,. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Matthew (2014) Shapes of time: melancholia, anachronism, de-distancing. In: Heidegger and the Work of Art History. Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 173-194. ISBN 9781409456131

Bowman, Matthew (2018) Sharing roots: on Plumb Poltergeist by Aaron Angell and Ian Law. Rodeo.

Bowman, Matthew (2018) Sheffield round-up: Graves Gallery, Persistence Works, Bloc Projects. Art Monthly (414). pp. 34-36. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2022) Space for Experience: on Amelia Bowles’ and Nadia Guerroui’s Expanded Impermanence. Saturation Point.

Bowman, Matthew (2010) “Timing Wax, Timing Art History,” review of Roberta Panzanelli (ed), Ephemeral Bodies: Wax Sculpture and the Human Figure with a translation of Julius Von Schlosser’s “History of Portraiture in Wax,”. Art History, 33 (1). pp. 170-172. ISSN 1467-8365

Bowman, Matthew (2019) (Un)boxing unboxed. The Art Station.

Bowman, Matthew (2016) The crux of minimalist criticism. In: Minimalism: Location Aspect Moment, 14-15 October 2016, Winchester School of Art. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Matthew (2020) The experience of Formalism. Art History, 43 (3). pp. 662-666. ISSN 1467-8365

Bowman, Matthew (2022) The haunting of a modernism conceived differently. inVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture (35).

Bowman, Matthew (2019) The intertwining – Damisch, Bois, and October’s rethinking of painting. Journal of Contemporary Painting, 5 (1). pp. 99-116. ISSN 2052-6695

Bowman, Matthew (2008) The new critical historians of art. In: The State of Art Criticism. Routledge, London and New York, pp. 289-295. ISBN 9780415977876

Bowman, Matthew (2021) A reply to Henry Broome. Art Monthly (448). pp. 14-15. ISSN 0142-6702

Bowman, Matthew (2020) The work of art criticism: collaboration, communication, community. Arts, 9 (4). pp. 1-15. ISSN 2076-0752

Bowman, Matthew, Armstrong, Phillip and Finch, Mick (2019) In conversation with Christian Bonnefoi. In: Re-Make Remodel, 11/9/2019, London, Campoli Presti Gallery. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Matthew and Assangi, Kisito (2022) Matthew Bowman interviewed by Kisito Assangi. Arshake. ISSN 2283-3676


Duggan, Eddie (2019) Book review of: The cultural legacy of the royal game of the goose by Adrian Seville (2019). Manchester Game Studies Network / Manchester Metropolitan University, online / Manchester.

Duggan, Eddie (2019) Chasing Geese: on the trail of fourteen British-published copies of The Royal Pastime of Cupid, or Entertaining Game of the Snake. Board Game Studies Journal, 13 (1). pp. 111-158. ISSN 2183-3311

Duggan, Eddie (2018) Rough music in square 63: a comparative analysis of the imagery in the final square of English and Dutch editions of The Royal Pastime of Cupid. In: XXI Annual International Board Game Studies Colloquium., 23–26 April 2018, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece..

Duggan, Eddie (2017) The Royal Pastime of Cupid: Two Early English Association Copies. In: XX Annual International Board Game Studies Colloquium, 17–20 May 2017, University of Copenhagen.

Duggan, Eddie (2016) Stranger games: the life and times of the Spintriae. In: XIX Annual International Board Game Studies Colloquium, 13–16 April 2016, German Games Archive, Nuremburg.

Duggan, Eddie (2019) Uncovering Cupid: two hitherto unseen or unknown editions of The Royal Pastime of Cupid, Or New and Most Pleasant Game of the Snake, published by Robert Sayer and Henry Overton. In: XXII Annual International Board Game Studies Colloquium, 7–10 May 2019, Alma Mater Studium, University of Bologna.

Duggan, Eddie (2018) The royal pastime of cupid: three early printed board games in the Bodleian Library's John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera. Bodleian Library Record. ISSN 0067-9488 (In Press)

Duggan, Eddie and Duggan, Wilf (2011) Looking for the Truth. [Show/Exhibition]


Foster, Nicola (2016) Chineseness: the work of Lo Yuenyi in memory of the Women of Nushu. Journal of Chinese contemporary art, 3 (1-2). pp. 131-152. ISSN 2051-7041

Foster, Nicola (2023) Contemporaneity as a curatorial approach: black models in New York, Paris and Guadeloupe. In: Curating the Contemporary in Art Museums. Routledge. ISBN 9781032010540

Foster, Nicola (2019) Restaging origin, restaging difference: restaging Harald Szeemann's work. Journal of curatorial studies, 8 (2). pp. 233-258. ISSN 2045-5836

Foster, Nicola (2020) Translating Nüshu: drawing Nüshu, dancing Nüshu. Art in translation, 11 (4). pp. 393-416. ISSN 1756-1310

Foster, Nicola (2019) The art market and politics: the case of the Sigg Collection. Journal for art market studies, 1. pp. 1-14. ISSN 2511-7602


Nisic, Natacha and Barnet, Susan (2022) The Crown Letter. [Show/Exhibition]


Psarologaki, Liana (2015) Beyond the Physical Threshold; enfolding the ontology of immersive experience. Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Psarologaki, Liana (2016) Spatial sea. [Show/Exhibition]

Psarologaki, Liana (2016) Transforming fortresses into artworks: two cultural sites become spaces of topological immersion. In: Defense sites III: heritage and future WIT transactions on the built environment. WIT Press, Southampton, UK, pp. 117-126. ISBN 9781784660819


Spada, Marco (2021) Digital Kenosis: Eschatology and Representation of the Post-Ideal City in Videogames. In: Urban Assemblage : The City as Architecture, Media, AI and Big Data, 28-30 Jun 2021, London, Hatfield UK, Online.

Spada, Marco and Molinari, Carla (2020) Gordon Cullen’s Serial Visions: a cinematic urban theory. In: The City and Complexity – Life, Design and Commerce in the Built Environment, 17 - 19 Jun 2020, London, UK, Online.

Stein, Chris, Duggan, Eddie and Triggs, Teal (2017) À la recherche du punk perdu: images, memories and the 1970s. [Show/Exhibition]


Tsang, Hing (2023) Habit, embodiment and visuality: the implications for theory and practice. In: SENSA Lab (Laboratory of Semiotics, Ethnosemiotics, Nonfictional Studies and Audiovisuality), 27th Feb 2023, Cork, Ireland. (Unpublished)

Tsang, Hing (2022) The animated forest: Puppetry, landscape, animals and plants. In: Centre for Human Animal Studies (CfHAS) at Edge Hill University, 11 Nov 2022, Liverpool, England. (Unpublished)

Tsang, Hing (2018) The poetics of (social) mise-en-scène and transcendence in Li Shaohong’s Stolen Life. Asian Cinema, 29 (2). pp. 243-260. ISSN 1059-440X


Watt, Jane (2019) Aller retour. [Show/Exhibition]

Watt, Jane (2015) The cabinet of curiosities. LMNOP Books, Brighton, UK. ISBN 9780956956361

Watt, Jane (2015) The cabinet of curiosities. [Show/Exhibition]

Watt, Jane and Baldry, David (2020) Lockdown and light. [Show/Exhibition]

Watt, Jane and Barnet, Susan (2022) Longshore drift. [Artefact]

Watt, Jane and Heywood, Sara (2019) Reflections on home. [Show/Exhibition]

Watt, Jane, Heywood, Sara and Chau, David (2021) Mulberry - tree of plenty. UCL Culture.

Watt, Jane and Palmier, Clare (2021) HERE. [Show/Exhibition]

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