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Allen, Katherine, Khan, Aneela, Horvath, Miranda and Davies, Kari (2024) 'Unless you've got a conviction, there's not much you can do’: rethinking long-term disruption and exit strategy in RASSO investigations. Journal of Criminal Psychology. ISSN 2009-3829 (In Press)

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Book Section

Brown, Jennifer, M. and Horvath, Miranda (2022) Conclusions: what's it going to take. In: Rape: Challenging Contemporary Thinking 10 years on. Routledge, Abingdon, England, pp. 283-293. ISBN 9780367757410

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Horvath, Miranda, Davies, Kari, Allen, Katherine, Barbin, Arianna, Barrett, Sophie, Bond, Emma, Crivatu, Ioana, Cross, Maria, Dalton, Thistle, Ferreira, Joana, Gekoski, Anna, Heimer, Rosa, Iliuta, Anca, Khan, Aneela, Hardiman, Margaret, Majid, Asmaa, Manning, Mark, Massey, Kristina, Spence, Ruth, Trott, Louise and Woodhams, Jessica (2022) Appendix 7 – suspect focused investigations: end of year 1 report. In: Operation Soteria Bluestone Year 1 Report 2021-2022. HMSO, London, England, pp. 74-100. ISBN 9781528638241

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Conference or Workshop Item

Lucas, Vicky, Burke, Sarah, Selby, Anna and Johnson, Nick, J (2022) The effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy for patients with concurrent hand and psychological disorders. In: IFSSH, IFSHT & FESSH Combined Conference, 6 -10 June 2022, ExCel London. (Submitted)

Lucas, Vicky, Burke, Sarah, Selby, Anna and Johnson, Nick, J (2022) The effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy for patients with concurrent hand and psychological disorders. In: BABCP 50th Annual Conference, 20-23rd July, Imperial College London.


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Dogaru, Cristian, Rosenkoetter, Sharon E and Aldwin, Carolyn M (2008) Applying theories of capital to understand parent involvement at school as a component of family-school interaction : the special case of children with special needs. Doctoral thesis, Oregon State University.

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