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Baralou, Evangelia, Daskalaki, Katerina, Georgiadis, Manos, Katsoni, Vicky, Malliou, Panagiota and Panagiotou, George (2020) GoFit Erasmus project: a transdisciplinary approach for exercise, health and tourism. In: Cultural and Tourism Innovation in the Digital Era. Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics . Springer, Cham, Switzerland. ISBN 9783030363413

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Beato, Marco, De keijzer, Kevin, Fleming, A, Coates, Amanda, La Spina, O, Coratella, G and Mcerlain-naylor, Stuart (2020) Post flywheel squat vs. flywheel deadlift potentiation of lower limb isokinetic peak torques in male athletes. Sports Biomechanics. ISSN 1476-3141

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Boullosa, Daniel, Beato, Marco, Dello Iacono, Antonio, Cuenca-Fernández, Francisco, Doma, Kenji, Schumann, Moritz, Moura Zagatto, Alessandro, Loturco, Irineu and Behm, David (2020) A new taxonomy for post-activation potentiation in sport. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 15 (8). pp. 1197-1200. ISSN 1555-0265

Boullosa, Daniel, Beato, Marco, Dello Iacono, Antonio, Cuenca-Fernández, Francisico, Doma, Kenji, Schumann, Moritz, Moura Zagatto, Alessandro, Loturco, Irineu and Behm, David.G. (2020) Response to the comment on “A new taxonomy for post-activation potentiation in sport”. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. ISSN 1555-0265 (In Press)

Bowler, Mark, Beirne, Christopher, Tobler, Mathias, Anderson, Matt, DiPaola, Anna, Fa, John, Gilmore, Michael, Lemos, Lisley, Mayor, Pedro, Meier, Amelia, Menie Menie, Guillaume, Meza, Diana, Moreno, Delia, Poulsen, John, de Souza, Anamelia, Valsecchi, Joao and El Bizri, Hani (2020) LED flashlight technology facilitates wild meat extraction across the tropics. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. ISSN 1540-9295 (In Press)

Bowler, Mark T, Couceiro, Daniel, Martinez, Rocio, Orihuela, Gabriela, Shoobridge, Juan Diego, Nycander, Eduardo, de Miranda, Everton B.P. and Tobler, Mathias W. (2020) Harpy eagles (Harpia harpyja) nesting at Refugio Amazonas, Tambopata, Peru feed on abundant disturbance-tolerant species. Food Webs, 24. ISSN 2352-2496

Bury, Nic, Bell, Duncan, Woolnough, Lewis, Corps, Nick, Mortimore, David and Gretton, Svetlana (2020) Use of X-ray micro-computed tomography to study the moult cycle of the freshwater amphipod Gammarus pulex. Zoology. ISSN 0944-2006 (In Press)

Bury, Nic, Miller, Thomas, Ng, Keng Tiong, Lamphiere, Aaron, Cameron, Tom and Barron, LP (2020) Multicompartment and cross-species monitoring of contaminants of emerging concern in an estuarine habitat. Environmental Pollution, 270 (1). ISSN 0269-7491


Chatsiou, Kakia (2020) Text classification of manifestos and COVID-19 press briefings using BERT and Convolutional Neural Networks. (Submitted)

Cooper, Chris E, Silkstone, Garry G. A, Simons, Michelle, Gretton, Svetlana, Rajagopal, Badri S, Allen-Baume, Victoria, Syrett, Natalie, Shaik, Thoufieq, Popa, Gina, Sheng, XiaoBo, Bird, Matthew, Choi, Gi-Won, Piano, Ricardo, Ronda, Luka, Bettati, Stefano, Paredi, Gianluca, Mozzarelli, Andrea and Reeder, Brandon J (2020) Engineering hemoglobin to enable homogenous PEGylation without modifying protein functionality. Biomaterials Science. ISSN 2047-4830


Della Iancono, Antonio, Beato, Marco and Halperin, Israel (2020) Self-selecting the number of repetitions in potentiation protocols enhances jumping performance. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. ISSN 1555-0265 (In Press)

Dello Iacono, A, Unnithan, Unnithan, Shushan, T, King, M and Beato, Marco (2020) Training load responses to football game profile-based training (GPBT) formats: effects of locomotive demands manipulation. Biology of Sport. ISSN 0860-021X (In Press)


Egna, Nicole, O'Connor, David, Stacy‐Dawes, Jenna, W. Tobler, Mathias, Pilfold, Nicholas, Neilson, Kristin, Simmons, Brooke, Oneita Davis, Elizabeth, Bowler, Mark, Fennessy, Julian, Glikman, Jenny Anne, Larpei, Lexson, Lekalgitele, Jesus, Lekupanai, Ruth, Lekushan, Johnson, Lemingani, Lekuran, Lemirgishan, Joseph, Lenaipa, Daniel, Lenyakopiro, Jonathan, Lenalakiti Lesipiti, Ranis, Lororua, Masenge, Muneza, Arthur, Rabhayo, Sebastian, Ole Ranah, Masiaine, Ruppert, Kristie and Owen, Megan (2020) Camera settings and biome influence the accuracy of citizen science approaches to camera trap image classification. Ecology and Evolution. ISSN 2045-7758


Fritsch, J, Jekauc, D, Elsborg, P, Latinjak, Alexander, Reichert, M and Hatzigeorgiadis, A (2020) Self-talk and emotions in tennis players during competitive matches. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. ISSN 1041-3200

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Gardiner, B, Devereux, Gavin and Beato, Marco (2020) Injury risk and injury incidence rates in crossfit: a brief review. The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 60 (7). pp. 1005-1013. ISSN 1827-1928 (In Press)

Gilmore, Michael, P, Griffiths, Brian, M and Bowler, Mark (2020) The socio-cultural significance of mineral licks to the Maijuna of the Peruvian Amazon: implications for the sustainable management of hunting. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 16 (59). ISSN 1746-4269

Griffiths, Brian, Michael, Gilmore and Bowler, Mark (2020) Predation of a Brazilian porcupine (Coendou prehensilis) by an ocelot (Leoparduspardalis) at a mineral lick in the Peruvian Amazon. Food Webs, 24 (Sep 20). ISSN 2352-2496

Griffiths, Brian M., Bowler, Mark, Gilmore, Michael P. and Luther, David (2020) Temporal patterns of visitation of birds and mammals at mineral licks in the Peruvian Amazon. Ecology and Evolution, 10 (24). pp. 14152-14164. ISSN 2045-7758

Gualtieri, Antonio, Rampinini, Ermanno, Sassi, Roberto and Beato, Marco (2020) Workload monitoring in top-level soccer players during congested fixture periods. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 41 (10). pp. 677-681. ISSN 0172-4622


Ibrahim, Fandi and Stribling, Philippa (2020) Reply to “a gluten reduction is the patients’ choice for a dietary ‘bottom up’ approach in IBS—a comment on “a 5Ad dietary protocol for functional bowel disorders” Nutrients 2019, 11, 1938”. Nutrients, 12 (140). ISSN 2072-6643


Jamil, Mikael and Kerruish, Samuel (2020) At what age are English Premier League players at their most productive? A case study investigating the peak performance years of elite professional footballers. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport. ISSN 1474-8185

Jamil, Mikael, Littman, Perry and Beato, Marco (2020) Investigating inter-league and inter-nation variations of key determinants for penalty success across European football. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, 20 (5). pp. 892-907. ISSN 1474-8185

Jamil, Mikael, Mcerlain-naylor, Stuart and Beato, Marco (2020) Investigating the impact of the mid-season winter break on technical performance levels across European Football – does a break in play affect team momentum? International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport. ISSN 1474-8185


Kays, Roland, Arbogast, Brian.S., Baker-Whatton, Megan, Beirne, Chris, Boone, Hailey, Bowler, Mark, Burneo, Santiago, Cove, Michael, Ding, Ping, Espinosa, Santiago, Sousa Gonçalves, André Luis, Hanson, Christopher, Jansen, Patrick, Kolowski, Joseph, Knowles, Travis, Moreira Lima, Marcela Guimarães, Millspaugh, Joshua, McShea, William, Pacifici, Krishna, Parsons, Arielle W., Pease, Brent.S., Rovero, Francesco, Santos, Fernanda, Schuttler, Stephanie G., Sheil, Douglas, Si, Xingfeng, Snider, Matt and Spironello, Wilson R. (2020) An empirical evaluation of camera trap study design: how many, how long, and when? Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 11 (6). pp. 700-713. ISSN 2041-210X

King, Mark, Towler, Harley, Dillon, Romanda and Mcerlain-naylor, Stuart (2020) A correlational analysis of shuttlecock speed kinematic determinants in the badminton jump smash. Applied Sciences, 10 (4). pp. 1-14. ISSN 2076-3417


Lalic, Tatjana, Steponenaite, Aiste, Wei, Liting, Vasudevan, Sridhar R, Mathie, Alistair, Peirson, Stuart N, Lall, Gurprit S and Cader, M Zameel (2020) TRESK is a key regulator of nocturnal suprachiasmatic nucleus dynamics and light adaptive responses. Nature communications, 11 (1). p. 4614. ISSN 2041-1723

Latinjak, Alexander, Corbalan-Frigola, J, Alcoy-Fabregas, P and Barker, J.B (2020) Spontaneous self-talk: an insight into the cognitive component of emotions in sport. International Journal of Sport Psychology. ISSN ‎0047-0767

Li, Hanluo, Masieri, Federica, Schneider, Marie, Kottek, Tina, Hahnel, Sebastian, Yamauchi, Kensuke, Obradović, Danilo, Seon, Jong-Keun, Yun, Sook Jung, Ferrer, Rubén A., Franz, Sandra, Simon, Jan-Christoph, Lethaus, Bernd and Savković, Vuk (2020) Autologous, non-invasively available mesenchymal stem cells from the outer root sheath of hair follicle are obtainable by migration from plucked hair follicles and expandable in scalable amounts. Cells, 9 (9). e2069. ISSN 2073-4409


Madruga-Parera, Marc, Bishop, Chris, Fort-Vanmeerhaeghe, Azahara, Beato, Marco, Gonzalo-Skok, Oliver and Romero-Rodríguez, Daniel (2020) Effects of 8 weeks of ISO inertial vs. cable resistance training on motor skills performance and inter limb asymmetries. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. ISSN 1064-8011 (In Press)

Mcerlain-Naylor, Stuart, Towler, Harley, Afzal, Idrees, Felton, Paul, Hiley, Michael and King, Mark (2020) Effect of racket-shuttlecock impact location on shot outcome for badminton smashes by elite players. Journal of sports sciences. ISSN 1466-447X

Moreno Pérez, Victor, Beato, Marco, del Coso, Juan, Hernández-Davo, Jose Luis, Soler, Aitor, Peñaranda-Moraga, Marcelo, Madrugá-Parera, Marc and Romero-Rodriguez, Daniel (2020) Intra and inter-tester reliability of a novel device to assess gluteal muscle strength in professional football players. Research in Sports Medicine. ISSN 1543-8627 (In Press)

Morton, Liza, Cogan, Nicola, Kornfält, Susanna, Porter, Zoe and Georgiadis, Manos (2020) Baring all: the impact of the hospital gown on patient well‐being. British Journal of Health Psychology, 25 (3). pp. 452-473. ISSN 1359-107X

Muraina, Issa, Bury, Nic, Scott, Annabella, Graham, Anthony and Hogstrand, Christer (2020) The zebrafish Znt1asa17 mutant reveals roles of zinc transporter-1a in embryonic development. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 16 (Jul 20). ISSN 0946-672X

Muraina, Issa Atanda, Maret, Wolfgang, Bury, Nic, Scott, Annabella, Graham, Anthony and Hogstrand, Christer (2020) Hatching gland development and hatching in zebrafish embryos: A role for zinc and its transporters Zip10 and Znt1a. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 528 (4). pp. 698-705. ISSN 0006-291X


Nagy-Reis, Mariana, Bowler, Mark and et, al (2020) Neotropical Carnivores: a dataset on Carnivore distribution in the Neotropics. Ecology. ISSN 0012-9658 (In Press)

Ninaus, Manuel, De freitas, Sara and Kiili, Kristian (2020) Motivational potential of leaderboards in a team-based math game competition. In: "Games and Learning Alliance 9th International Conference, GALA 2020, Laval, France, December 9–10, 2020, Proceedings". Springer Nature, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 242-252. ISBN 9783030634643

Nio, Amanda Q. X., Rogers, Samantha, Mynors-Wallis, Rachael, Meah, Victoria L., Black, Jane, Stembridge, Mike and Stohr, Eric J. (2020) The Menopause alters aerobic adaptations to high-intensity interval training. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 52 (10). pp. 2096-2106. ISSN 0195-9131


Piqueras-Sanchiz, F, Sabido2, R, Raya-González, J, Madruga-Parera, M, Romero-Rodríguez, D, Beato, Marco, de Hoyo, M, Nakamura, F.Y and Hernández-Davó, H.L. (2020) Effects of different inertial load settings on power output using a flywheel leg curl exercise and its inter-session reliability. Journal of Human Kinetics, 74. pp. 215-226. ISSN 1899-7562 (In Press)


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Raya-González, Javier, Clemente, Filipe Manuel, Beato, Marco and Castillo, Daniel (2020) Injury profile of Male and Female senior and youth Handball players: a systematic review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17 (11). pp. 1-15. ISSN 1661-7827

Reay Atkinson, S, Skinner, C.J, Joiner, K.F, Caldwell, Nicholas and Swidan, A (2020) Important trends and junctures in warship design - Redux. The NAVY - Journal of the Navy League of Australia, 82 (3). pp. 7-13. ISSN N/A

Reay Atkinson, S., Skinner, C,J., Joiner, K.F., Caldwell, Nicholas and Swidan, A. (2020) Important trends and junctures in warship design - Redux. The Naval Review - Journal of the UK Royal Navy and Royal Marines, 108 (3). pp. 400-409. ISSN N/A

Reay Atkinson, Simon, Skinner, Christopher. J., Joiner, Keith, F., Caldwell, Nicholas and Swidan, Ahmed (2020) Important trends and junctures in warship design. Marine systems & ocean technology (15). pp. 135-150. ISSN 1679-396X

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Savickas, Vilius, Stewart, Adrian J, Rees-Roberts, Melanie, Short, Vanessa, Bhamra, Sukvinder K, Corlett, Sarah A, Mathie, Alistair and Veale, Emma L (2020) Opportunistic screening for atrial fibrillation by clinical pharmacists in UK general practice during the influenza vaccination season: A cross-sectional feasibility study. PLoS medicine, 17 (7). e1003197. ISSN 1549-1676

Savickas, Vilius, Veale, Emma L, Bhamra, Sukvinder K, Stewart, Adrian J, Mathie, Alistair and Corlett, Sarah (2020) Pharmacists detecting atrial fibrillation in general practice: a qualitative focus group study. BJGP open, 4 (3). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2398-3795

Spencer, Kirsten, Paget, Natasha, Kilding, Andrew and Mcerlain-naylor, Stuart (2020) Physical, physiological, and technical demands of national netball umpires at different competition levels. Journal of sports sciences, 38 (14). pp. 1660-1665. ISSN 1466-447X

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